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Testimonial: "Can you say wow!"

My family and i have had some great experiences but this tops most! We were able to take our kids (different ages) on a truly wild ride, way better than most. Beautiful vistas and canyons mixed with with rough climbing and challenging trails while crossing creeks! We got to go...
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For good reason Adventures of a Lifetime ATV is rated the number one attraction in Wickenburg. As a bit of a leisure ATV junkie I tend to do tours everywhere they are offered. This is more like riding with your buddies who are very helpful and extremely knowledgeable than it is a traditional, stay in your line and don't deviate from the path sort of "tour". I LOVED IT doesn't strongly enough express what a blast is to be had. Ride newer, well maintained machines, over mountains, through (in) streams and across rocks. Your guides are professionals who ensure you're having the time of your life all while keeping you safe.


"Best 4 wheeling we've ever done!"

We've been 4 wheeling all across the country and Canada. This is the most diverse terrain we've ever encountered. Steve took into consideration our ability, and customized our rides to that.