What if I don’t know how to drive an ATV?

We will guide you through the whole process, don’t worry about anything you will be a “professional “ when we’re heading to the end of the tour.



Where do we meet for “practice driving” and to begin the tour?


The tours depart from 36675 South Scenic Loop Dr. in Wickenburg, Arizona.


Should I bring anything special on the ride? 


Not really, we provide protective gear, water and some snacks. 


What is age minimum ?


Our ATV tours are available for all ages.  We provide all the skills necessary for the young adults to ride and have fun. We do ask to follow the instructions and respect the safety issues as demanded for a safe and unforgettable tour for all of us and that will bring the opportunity to ride as a young unlicensed adult only closer to the fun that lies in taking their responsibilitie. 


Can I bring my camera?


You could off course however ask us to make the pictures for you. 



Call Steve (928) 684-1200