What if I don't know how to drive an ATV? Riding instruction and practice are provided prior to all tours. Along the trail the guides will stop  to provide additional instruction specific to that terrain. Riders are encouraged to stop driving if they are uncomfortable proceeding over a particular obstacle. The rider should park the quad and the guide will move the quad past the obstacle to a point where the ride can resume safely.

Where do we meet for "practice driving" and to begin the tour? The tours depart from 36675 South Scenic Loop Dr. in Wickenburg, Az.
What stuff should I bring on the ride? Sunglasses or goggles are required. Helmets are required for minors.   Sun block, baseball cap, bandana and gloves are a good idea.
What is age minimum ? ATV tours are available for all ages.  Rides are modified for inexperienced drivers and unlicensed drivers. Young riders will be taught how to drive safely. They must demonstrate a certain level of skill and most important- willingness to obey their mom,dad and tour guide.
What if I cause an accident? All drivers should read and sign a Release of Liability regarding the risk of injury while driving in the desert wilderness.  Riders agree to pay for repairs if they damage the ATV. (This does not include such things as flat tires.)  All drivers under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or legal guardian sign on their behalf.
Can I bring my camera? We encourage you to bring a camera on your Adventure of a Lifetime. Please store your camera in a plastic bag or a fanny pack to keep the elements out.